Acherkouk Mohamed
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Brief Biography and or accomplishements

Recruited at INRA-Oujda in 1990 as Researcher in Rangeland Ecology. 1990-1993: Fodder program with German cooperation (GTZ). 1993-2000: Red Meat Program with the German Cooperation (GTZ), and partnership with the PDPEO Project (livestock and eastern pasture development project). 2000-2006: R&D International Project between WANA countries (including Morocco)-ICARDA-Swiss Cooperation, on Sustainable management of agro-pastoral resources. 2000-2008: R&D Partnership Project between INRA-Oujda-ICARDA/Mashreq & Maghreb-PDRTT Project (Taourirt-Tafoughalt rural development project), on Sustainable development of the means/sources of life of agro-pastoral communities). 2002-2014, Coordinator of R&D Service. 2006-2009, Regional Coordinator at the International Agricultural Show in Meknes (SIAM). 2010-2012: Coordinator in Ifrane of the development of the ecosystem plan specific to Desert Truffles project, in Moroccan-European Union cooperation at the Green Morocco Plan level. 2014-2016: Coordinator of INRA-Qualipole of Berkane. 2016-2018: Manager of INRA-Al Hoceima. Since 2018 (and until now), I moved to INRA Tangier, and work on high mountain rangeland ecosystems in northern Morocco. During this career, I also ensured the supervision and training of several students in Oujda, Al Hoceima and Tangier, as well as the human capacity building of several local, national and international organizations. I animated >800 technology transfer sessions for the benefit of farmers, extension workers and civil society. I received several training courses of short duration, and 2 of medium term (1998-199 in Zaragoza-Spain; 2002-2003 in Montpellier-France). I participated in several scientific and technical events at the regional, national and international levels. I have been Principal Chief Engineer since 2010. Good language skills: English, French and Spanish.


  • Pastoral ecosystems, Sustainable development of pastoral areas, Systemic and integrated vision, Feeding ration and behavior of herds on natural rangeland, Participatory approaches.

Professional Appointments

    Position Title Program Title Project Year
    chercheur INRA-DPA Chefchaouen Partnership Development of a Distinctive Sign of Origin and Quality of goat meat from the Talasmtane Natural Park 2018-2021
    chercheur INRA-ORMVA Tafilalet Partnership Good pastoral improvement practices for mountain ecosystems in the Errachidia region. 2011-2015
    coordinateur PAPSA Program Elaboration of the Ecosystem Management Plan relating to local-Truffle products in the plateaus of eastern Morocco. 2011-2013
    chercheur Global Environment Fund Participatory fight against desertification and poverty reduction in the arid and semi-arid ecosystems of the rangelands of eastern Morocco. 2010-2014
    chercheur Moroccan-Canadian cooperation Adaptation strategies of pastoral populations in two ecosystems: plain of Chichaoua and mountains of Azilal. 2009-2010
    chercheur R&D Program Rehabilitation of degraded pastures in eastern Morocco. 2008-2010
    chercheur Mashreq & Maghreb project coordinated by ICARDA Elaboration of Community Development Plans in Eastern Morocco. 2005-2008
    coordinateur R&D Program Domestication of spontaneous aromatic and medicinal plants. 2007-2008
    chercheur INRA-OCP PROGRAMME Development of the fertility map of agricultural soils in eastern Morocco 2011-2013
    coordinateur R&D Program Experimentation on the adaptation of aromatic and medicinal plants grown in eastern Morocco 2006-2007

Awards and honors

    Select Type Subject Year

Degress held

    Degrees Year Discipline College/institute University City/ Country
    Phd Degree., 2013 Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Department of Biology Mohammed I Oujda/Morocco
    Diploma in Research oriented towards Sustainable Development 2002-2003 Participatory Approaches and Effective Communication Techniques Oriented Agricultural Research/ ICRA Montpellier/France
    Post-graduate diploma 1998-1999 Rural Planning according to the environment Environment, Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza CIHEAM Zaragoza/Spain
    State Engineer Diploma 1989 Natural resources Management, Department of Ecology Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II Rabat/Morocco
    Diploma in General Agronomy 1986 General Agronomy, Department of Ecology Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II Rabat/Morocco
    Baccalaureate. 1979 Experimentales Sciences High School Souk Arba/Morocco

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