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Abdelali LAAMARI Engineer in agronomy, Agricultural Economist from Hassan II Agronomy and Veterinary Institute and got a PhD in Economics from the University Hassan 1st. He has worked for the USAID for five year as agricultural economist researcher within MIAC Project. He joined the National Institute for Agricultural Research in 1993. He is member of Moroccan Association for Agricultural Economics and The International Association for Impact Assessment. As a head of Socioeconomic Research Department (1996-2003) he was in charge of organizing research and contributed to identify research funds opportunities. During this period he has contributed to participate to different EU research calls and got funds from IDRC projects. He has contributed to the training program for Master in Economics. Laamari contributed in a book titled NRM Technologies in Crop-Livestock Production Systems in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas. He is now in charge of the Agricultural Economics lab. In addition to that, Laamari is member of INGSA (International Network on Government Science Advice) and member of the AAS. Most of the research conducted by Laamari since 2008 was focusing on water use efficiency and water governance. Laamari is member of Water Arab Council Since 2003, Laamari was involved in research management by doing some research on developing tools for research priority setting and contributing to development of impact assessment of agricultural research programs. As part of his research agenda, Laamari is working on developing appropriate mechanisms for agricultural research and innovation management. He is coordinating different projects on climate change and production systems resilience funded by EU.


  • Production economics and farm management
  • Impact assessment and adoption of improved technologies
  • Risk aversion and decision making in agriculture
  • Water management

Professional Appointments

    Position Title Program Title Project Year
    chercheur Aridoculture Production cost of cereals and food legumes 1993
    chefdept Socioeconomy Head of the department from 1996 to 2003 1996
    chercheur Ecohealth Waste water reuse in agriculture; Application of Ecohealth approch in the case of Mzamza region 2002
    coordinateur Economie et Sociologie rurale Research unit coordinator 2008
    chercheur Ecohealth Mapping health and water policy in Morocco 2000
    chercheur Taourirt-Tafoughalet , Transfert de technologies Projet Taourirt Tafoughalet pour le Transfert de technologies 2000
    chercheur Durum wheat breeding program WANADDIN Project: Assessing the socioeconomic impact of durum wheat research program 1998
    chercheur Durum wheat breeding program TRITIMED Project funded by EU unded FP6 2005
    chercheur Natural Resource Management INRA/ICARDA project SPIA: Assessing the impact of NRM technologies using bioeconomic approach 2004
    chercheur Food legumes IMILA Project: Socieconomic studies of food legumes 2012
    chercheur CGIAR-CRP11 Dryland System research: System vulnerablity in the Saiss region of Morocco 2013
    chercheur CGIAR-CRP2 Water policies for efficient water use technologies: Solar energy versus natural gas fuel used in pumping irrigation groundwater in Morocco (CRP2) 2014
    chercheur INGSA Program Smart Water Governance in Moroccan Agriculture: New Science and policy collaboration and partnership 2018
    chercheur MCGP Socioeconomic studies on yield gap 2019
    chercheur ERANET-EU TRUST-FARM: Improving climate resiliency by designing sustainable integrated ecosystems 2021

Awards and honors

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Degress held

    Degrees Year Discipline College/institute University City/ Country
    BsC 1995 Animal Production ENA School of Meknes ENA School of Meknes Meknes/Morocco
    Msc 1992 Agricultural Economics Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II Rabat/Morocco
    PhD 2015 Economy Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences University Hassan 1st Settat/Morocco

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